Talks and Interviews

Can Artificial Intelligence be regulated and if so how?

The Foundation for Science and Technology event discuss the different challenges of regulating AI and how different jurisdictions were approaching that challenge. FST, 2024

Who controls the internet?

A panel including Dame Wendy Hall and Sir Jeremy Fleming, Director GCHQ, discuss the geopolitics of internet governance with other leading experts. Chatham House, 2021

Four internets

Dame Wendy Hall, UK AI Skills Champion, looks at the fragmentation of the internet and its implications. BCS Insights, 2021

Exploring legal mechanisms for data stewardship

A panel talk chaired by Dame Wendy, exploring legal mechanisms that could help facilitate responsible data stewardship. Ada Lovelace Institute, 2021

AI: A view from the UK

University of Southampton, 2021

Breaking the digital ceilings of computer science

Dame Wendy Hall talks with student Karina Macosko about how she became one of the most influential computer scientists. Academic Influence, 2021

A pioneer’s view of the internet

Dame Wendy Hall discusses her contributions to the construction of the internet and the World Wide Web. Academic Influence, 2021

Two Dames: In conversation with Rebecca George OBE

Two former presidents and BCS’ outgoing president discuss their collective passion for the technology industry, life-long learning, professionalism and diversity. BCS The Chartered Institute for IT, 2021

From AI to Eternity

Professor Dame Wendy Hall discusses trends in AI and their implications for society, including national strategies for AI, geopolitical pressures on AI and data governance, and future scenarios. Web Science Institute, 2021

The web in the new normal

Professor Dame Wendy Hall talks about web science post-pandemicand how we can work towards a world where artificial intelligence and data is used ethically and democratically for social good. Social Impact Lab, 2020

In conversation with Dame Wendy Hall and Deborah Estrin

CogX, 2020